A certain kind of love

A certain kind of love

By Emily Radebaugh…

She acquired a powerful state of mind simply because she felt

This was very new to you

It was heartbreaking seeing her tiptoe around the people that meant the most to her

While you sat and ascertained every inch of her

You understood that she was kind hearted, but she was also heartbroken

She was no one special

No, truthfully, you were no one special

She lived a mysterious life

The kind you see in the movies

The kind that have the scenes that make your feelings explode

Not because you have experienced those things

But because you burst with curiosity

And you yearn and yearn for a life full of adventure

You internally beg to live a life so out of character

Out of your comfort zone

You see a girl affected by so many factors in her life

She was an old soul that catapulted you

Into something whimsical and slightly terrifying

The girl you saw on the screen made you feel things that

Were so intense and irrevocably unexplainable

Unsure if you wanted to be her

Or you wanted to feel her beneath your fingertips

And to love her with all of your being

If you wanted to live her life

Or you wanted to live it with her

She’s the girl on the screen that drives you wild

But is absolutely wild herself

And painstakingly amazing

You hadn’t realized

But you’d taken that girl in your arms

And no unyielding, vigorous force

Could never, ever get you to let go