All Dogs Go To Heaven

All Dogs Go To Heaven

By Emily Radebaugh…

I used to come home

to a black and white face

that eventually faded to grey

I used to come home

to a small ball of energy

so excited he shook

I used to come home

to floppy ears and curly q fur

and a black heart shaped spot

on his back

I used to come home

to noise and commotion

from spotting a bunny in the yard

Now when I come home

I am no longer greeted with

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter

Followed by sloppy kisses

Now when I am home

My black clothes are no longer

covered in white racing stripes

From Loving cuddles

Now when I leave home

I no longer say goodbye

Because he is gone

Now, I know when I’m home

when I am visiting the tree

With his ashes

Hey Buddy, I’m home

This poem is a tribute to our family dog that passed away after 11 years in our home. We loved him more than anything; he was the greatest dog we could have ever hoped for and were so grateful to have.

Always a part of our hearts we love you

RIP Winston Theodore