By Emily Radebaugh…

There was a time where I wasn’t sure

where I was going


who I wanted to be

Then I met her

And she told me

I could lower the horizon in the morning

And I could rais the moon at night

She told me

Against all silence

I could raise my voice

So, I did

I shouted to the world

It’s okay to trust your heart

She told me

That music is forever

That I shouldn’t be afraid to dream

To wander unknown roads

To explore coffee shops in beatnik cities

So, I did

I chose to sleep, write

I chose to hear joy in the universe

I chose to feel, love, and create

She told me

Once you believe

All blank pages become beautiful masterpieces

All your feelings

All your expression then runs through the indents of every canvas

So, I did

I painted my soul

Onto open minds

And I just knew where I was going

And who I wanted to be