Be You

Be You

By Emily Radebaugh…

When it rains look for rainbows

When it’s dark look for stars

When life seems too cookie cutter plain

Do the thing that scares you the most

Create blank pages

To rewrite your story

Let your expressions run through the indents

With stunning precision and wanderlust

Write your own story

Without influence

But rather grateful interferences

Allow yourself to become the reason

That someone has sparks in their eyes

Be the smile

That lights up the darkest corners of someone’s mind

Choose to be fearless

In pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

Let yourself experience a whirlwind of people and emotions

Never allow the world to devoid you of being unique

If you’ve spent so much of your life being sad

You have the right to share your rainbows and sunshine

And be unconditionally happy

Intoxicated on the positive things in your life

You are who you are

And you are incredibly amazing

Remarkably stunning

You are phenomenally you