By Emily Radebaugh…

My heart is broken

And I can’t handle loving someone

Who doesn’t love me back

It’s brutal like a war in your body

And you’re being shot from the inside

And on the outside

If feels like a boa constrictor around your neck

Your lungs gasp for air

Unable to catch your breath

And yourself when you fall

Of the deep end

Into the salty waves of the ocean

And your gut hurts more

Than a knife in your stomach

And even though you are capable

Of swimming to shore

You continue to let your lungs burn

And your broken heart beats

Until you sink to the bottom

And the war inside shatters all of

Your good feelings

And the boa constrictor has turned into

Tons of water sitting on your chest

And your eyes are wide open

In pain and fear

Pleading that the world will let you drown

Because you are once again stuck

With the feels of being unwanted

And unworthy of the love of

Someone who doesn’t love you back