Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

By Emily Radebaugh…

As the day closes

And the black curtain falls

I’ll strive for nights

That are mysterious

And mind blowing

To accompany

My extraordinary days

The days I want to sing

To dance

To create opportunities

To create experiences and memories

I want my ideas and words

To change the world

I want my life to be insane

And oh so incredible

And so I refuse

To let reality touch my dreams

Because I so very much

Want my dreams

To be my reality

So I’ll grab the bull by the horns

And swing him into his cage

Because I refuse to be afraid

To be trapped

I’ll lasso a star

And take it home

And prove that I shine so bright

As does my newfound

Hope and freedom

They say you only have two lives

And the second one starts

When you realize

You only have one

So I’ll forget my past

Live in my present

And seize my future