By Emily Radebaugh…

He was my sunny day

When every other day

Was nothing but copious

Amount of acid rain

I thought I was safe in his arms

But his dashing rays burnt my skin

And the gleam in his eyes

Blinded my baby blues

And the ultraviolet underbrush

Of his smile

Struck a cord

Belonging to the hell’s chorus

Not the beautiful sound

Of hallelujah in my heart

I was his toy

He played with my emotions

And when I stood up

I brought in a hurricane

Determined to leave him in ruins

“Cry me a river” he laughed

Babe I’ll cry you an ocean

And I’ll grab you hard

For a kiss?

No, by the collar

Of your pretentious

Tainted white button up

 And slam you face first

And drown you in my tears